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Chez Larsson

Organizing with Trash Cans

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I've told you about the treasure trove recycling area in the basement at work before. Look what I found a few months ago! A stack of trash cans. And this is actually only half of my loot, there was another stack just like this one! Nothing wrong with them whatsoever except that they were… stuck! I guess the company who threw them out couldn't be bothered trying to pry them apart but I figured I could so I brought them home.

After some serious banging with a rubber mallet they did come apart in the end. One is being used in Wille's room as a regular trash can and another couple are in the "sports cabinet" in the storage room holding fishing rods, kites, skate boards etc upright.


I lined the rest up on the floor in the storage room and they now hold a multitude of things which are notoriously difficult to store. One contains rolls of adhesive film and paper, another bubble packing materials, a third miscellaneous tall and narrow things that don't go in my storage boxes. There's also one for rolled posters and maps and one for some weird but useful rubber material.
I love uniform storage so when I found the trash cans I immediately knew they would be perfect for all this stuff and I was right!