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Phoebe’s Bathroom Before & After

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Carol & Phoebe 3

Remember this post? My friend Carol needed help with her daughter Phoebe's bathroom. It was dingy and needed an update. I was excited to help and now check out these awesome before and afters! Read below what Carol and husband Lyle did to the mustard (or dare I say baby poo) cave. I'm amazed that the final result is so close to my mood board!



Phoebes after 3

We used a contractor for the tile and the painting and to build the drawer fronts. The drawer fronts are made of MDF board. Very Benita-ish! We found the drawer pulls at Home Depot.
I love Ikea, but the nearest one to Boise is in Salt Lake City Utah. So I tried to find some items closer to home. I wish we had an Ikea here or at least closer. I am waiting for our next Ikea run to get the tub mat. It will be perfect! The mirror is a Kohler mirror. We went with that because it is also a medicine cabinet.
The towels are from Ikea. They are a set we already had and luckily I already had some of the metal boxes. I love that you incorporated them.They look great.



Phobes after 5


The paint came from:
Walls: Kelly Moore paint Interior Latex Enamel. Color: Inner Peace.
Trim: Behr Premium plus (from Home Depot) Interior/Exterior Hi-Gloss. Color: Ultra Pure White.
Interior of green cabinet: Ace Paint (from Ace Hardware stores). Color: Summerland (A32-6).
* a note about this color. It looked almost neon in the can but because it was going on the insides of the cabinet, which is all in shadow, it turned out to be exactly the right color.
The contractor and I worked on the color and my first choice for the walls was all wrong. It was kind of "institutional green". Yuck! This is why I went repeatedly to 3 differnt stores for paints.

Phoebes after 2 

My favorite is the shower curtain fabric you chose. I LOVE that fabric. I never thought I could sew a shower curtain. Luckily I did ok. I think. I saw several internet instuctions for shower curtians. has a nice one. I needed 6 yards of fabric for the shower curtain and I got a grommet tool and grommets at Joann's.
Here's a link for dandelion decal on the window.
Taj mahal and bath remodel 032


Phoebes bathroom 026

We used a Moen shower head and tub set. The tub is a Kohler tub. These items plus the toilet were purchased through our plumbers.
Bathroom tile came from Home Depot. The brand is Dal tile. I just went to the Home Depot site to include a link to the tile but (of course) could not find it! We used white 3' by 6' subway tile for the shower area and a 12' by 12' white floor tile. We first went to the Dal tile showroom and priced the tle and then saw it at Home depot. The exact same tile. The price for all the tile was roughly $400.00 less at Home Depot, plus the Dal Tile showroom requires you to have contractors license to place orders. We thought that was odd and here's what we think… Dal tile probably has a contract with Home Depot. Home Depot has the market for the little guy- like me- and Dal tile has the market for repeat businesses like builders and contractors. Even though I did not find the exact tile on the Home Depot site, I know they carry it.

The floor heating material is this and we love it! Its super thin and easy to install. It comes with a video that has instructions for installing. We ordered it through Dal tile, through our contractor. The cost was around $250.00. Home Depot has another product that is very similar.
There you go! Isn't it awsome?! Phoebe, move over, I'm moving in!
Also, a huge thank you Carol for the generous giftcard at Amazon! I had a hard time choosing but I'm super happy! Thank you sweetie!