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Chez Larsson

Super Simple Frame

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Cute prints huh?! I saw the artist featured on another blog (may have been Decor8 or Creature Comforts but I can't seem to find the post in their archives) and was smitten.

When the prints arrived I realized I had neither frames nor money to buy frames, with a week until pay day at the time.


I did have some left over perspex from a project at work. It used to cover Valentine's Day chocolate boxes in the shop windows, but with the size being all wrong this year for that purpose and off stuff like that being thrown away, I salvaged them and had a hunch they would be a good size for the prints. Can you imagine it was the prefect size?! It's spot on on three sides and just a teensy bit too long on one. How often does that happen?


All I had to do was to clip two pieces of perspex together with mini office clips at the top sandwiching a print in between.


I love the result! And I love the fact that the prints resemble Martin and me in younger versions. Martin noticed it too straight away 🙂