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Upstairs Tool Kit

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As I get (buy, thrift, make, find) new art it usually ends up on the mantlepiece for a while. This bumps the "older" pieces off and they in turn often end up on the art wall which keeps growing. We're now down on a level where even Mini and Bonus can enjoy it.

We have a garage full of toys tools but when I want to hang something I want to hang it "now" so we keep a small tool kit upstairs in the broom closet in the kitchen too.


The kit consists of two bread loaf tins with the very basic of tools; a small hammer, some small screwdrivers, a stapler, a staple remover, a couple of pliers, a set of allen keys, a knife and couple of more things.


Besides from the bread loaf tins there's also an ice cream container behind them with some other house hold basics: cable clips, tape and ties, furniture pads, staples and some nails and small screws. 

You wouldn't believe how many trips to the basement and garage this little kit saves me.  


  • Rose says:

    I understand about the NOW part. When my bf brought home the prints he had professionally framed, I was hounding him to “put them up right now!” : )
    I read your blog everyday, BTW. I’m not all that organized, but I love your photos and the way you tell stories. Thank you.

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi Rose, I don’t mean to respond to you, but when I try to leave a comment in the regular comment space it seems the Send and Preview buttons are not working!
    So I will leave Benita a comment here.
    Dear Benita,
    You always have such terrific ideas! Can you post step by step instructions on how to hang a picture? I know it sounds dumb, but we are not very handy at my house and so for me, hanging a picture includes a hammer and a nail. But I know I am missing parts and important steps, and I am not sure what. We were just given a painting from a friend that is literally the canvas stretched over a wooden frame. What do we do to hang it up. Please help.

  • How odd that you can't comment! Another reader had a similar problem a while ago and she solved it by making sure the page wasn't zoomed in or out. Sounds odd but after she left the page as is apparently it worked.
    I wrote a post on hanging art about six months ago. You can read it here
    Hammer and nail is a good start :). For a stretched canvas on a wooden frame you can attach a string on either side of the frame (knotting the string at both ends and using a staple gun to attach it) and hang the canvas off the string onto the nail. Another option is to hammer in two nails a bit apart and hanging the (top of the) frame straight off them. They have to be perfectly straight though so you need a level for that.

  • xin says:

    Thanks for the idea. I always had to run down to the basement to get tools. I just put all the tools I can think of for that project into a basket, and carry them all upstairs. But unfortunately I missed some small ones, and had to run several trips. Your idea is really great, but I have to be careful and hide it well, so my baby won’t be able to ‘play’ with them.
    Your blog is my daily read now. Loving it!

  • Just Peaches says:

    I hit my head with the heel of my hand – duh! Why didn’t I think of that? I can’t tell you how many trips I made to the basement to get cleaning supplies when I finally realized that it would be much easier to keep a caddy with the basics under the bathroom sink. We live in a three storied house – you’d think I would have done the same with my tools. Thanks for the tip!

  • What a simple and useful idea! Thanks Benita!

  • Our Lives says:

    Another great organizing idea with common household items. I love it! I too keep an extra set of cleaning bottles I know I would need upstairs. But had not thought of tools (I do need the hammer every now and then). Thanks for sharing, dear Mr. Bernita Larsson! *Wink, wink* (I read that past post and I could help laughing. It was great!).

  • NancyV908 says:

    I am always so excited when I read something on your blog & I have already thought of it! (Doesn’t happen that often, though. 🙂 ) We have some basic tools upstairs too, & it has saved me countless trips to the basement.
    I don’t know if I just shop at the wrong places or things are better in Sweden, but I am always so jealous of the containers you have at hand. If only we had containers for ice cream here (eastern US) like the ones you put to so many good uses….

  • Maybe you have awesome other containers?! Cookies? Tea? Baby wipes? I always look for great containers and THEN look at what's inside. Baby wipes can be used for a multitude of things even if you don't have a baby and some of those containers when the stickers have been peeled off are great 🙂

  • NancyV908 says:

    Yup, the baby wipe containers are good. My babies are all grown up, but those boxes live on! And I’m remembering how I recently put some old stationery boxes to good & really pretty use as drawer organizers. So I’m getting the hang of it.
    Also, thanks to you when I shop I look at items in terms of packaging–to see if I can repurpose them, even if I never use what’s in them. I never did that before!

  • klara says:

    Chez nous à Malmö we also have an art wall filled with illustrations, pictures and art pieces from lond as they are colourful!

  • Franziska says:

    What a good idea! We don’t have a basement and most of the tools aren’t in the garage / carport. They are in the utility room. But I saw garden scissors and I have the problem, too, that the garden scissors are in the summerhouse. So when it’s winter I don’t go there but sometimes need garden scissors… I think I have to have one in the utility room, too.
    Bread loaf tins are a nice idea, too.
    By the way: you have similar tins from Ikea that are called Emu (se här). How do you keep them clean? Those and other chrome objects tend to look dirty very fast.

  • I wipe all metal with a damp microfiber cloth which I find works well.

  • this post is seriously making me want to get on my organization. thanks for the inspiration!
    xo katherine aka. urban flea 🙂

  • MOM says:

    Hello Benita!
    I am a follower of your interesting blog and, like all the other ones, I admire quite a lot your talent to organize and do things. Thank you for letting us take part of it!
    Would you please tell me where did you got the nice white cat house that you have in your home? I mean, the one on the first picture here. Sorry for my English mistakes…
    Thank you!

  • The cat bed is from Whiskas. Recognize the logo? 🙂 It was a promotional item some years ago. I found ours on Ebay searching “cat bed Whiskas”. There don’t seem to be any for sale right now but there are occasionally. Good luck in finding one!

  • MOM says:

    Thank you very much Benita!! And you’re right, I was looking on Ebay Germany, where I live, and didn’t find anyone. 🙁 🙁 And I like it so much. It is robust and easy to clean, I suppose. I’ll keep trying anyway. Thanks a lot again for the info!

  • Rob Wane says:

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