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Chez Larsson

Custom Mouse Mat

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Ok, I'll start this with a disclaimer. If you are a tech whiz or super gamer please return another day. Thank you.

My (already to begin with low tech) mouse mat had seen better days and wasn't very fresh looking anymore so I decided to recover it with another fabric. It's simply a matter of spray gluing the top…

… and turning the mouse mat over onto an ironed piece of fabric and pressing down hard to make the two adhere to one-another. Oh, my thumb nail? Banged it with a hammer when putting up the wreaths back in November.

Cut the excess off with scissors following the edge closely. Turn over, smooth out any creases and let dry.

Result; one pretty mouse mat. Like I said if you have top performance requirements for your mouse mat don't do this but if you just need a pretty mouse mat go for it. I have done this before with a linen/cotton blend fabric and that actually worked better than this all cotton one, I recommend a fabric that's slightly glossier than the one I chose but this works well enough for me.