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Deep Cleaning the Bathroom

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I bet this post will please some of you. The ones I'm addressing are those who have asked Martin to secretly insert a messy drawer in a post. Sorry, it's not a drawer but what I can show you a dirty bathroom. Wohoo (on your part)! Eeek (on my)!

Sometimes there's just not the time to clean everything as well or as often as I'd like. The downstairs bathroom is one of those places that sometimes get grubbier than I'd prefer. I try to keep everything nice and fresh but I guess the fact that I don't like this room also makes it prone to not being tended to as lovingly as the rest of the house. Does that make sense?


Exhibit #1 Dirty stained floor grout


Exhibit #2 Dusty grimy exhaust fan

Exhibit #3 Dusty surfaces

So, am I making you happy so far? Thought so, but enough is enough. I prefer showing you getting it done and some end results to boost, so here goes.

These Tile Guard products (besides aside from my Japanese eraser) are my best buddies when it comes to getting the bathroom really clean. The "Mögelbort" removes mildew (=Mildew Away) to which the corner in the shower area is prone. You simply spray it on (and almost suffocate in the process, because this is stinky stuff, so be sure to keep a window open!) leave for a few minutes and then hose off. Mildew gone magically!
027 (2)
After cleaning the grout on the floor  (using my regular cleaner Mrs Meyers and the eraser) I resealed the grout. The original seal wears off after a while and that's what allows dirt to penetrate. By resealing the grout you'll prevent that. It's super simple. After cleaning you wait for your grout to dry and then just run the applicator along and wipe off any excess from the tiles themselves. If you have really grimy tiles that are worse off than ours Tile Guard also carries a cleaner that is probably worth trying because their stuff seems to work. And no I'm not endorsed by Tile Guard, but I should be :).



032 (2)


When the bathroom gets as dirty as this time I prefer to start over so I empty everything out instead of trying to clean around things. 

I put everything in the laundry room and it's a good opportunity to take a proper look at the stuff to see whether some towels are ready for recycling or maybe weed out some lotions or sun screens which are past their best by date.


I've praised this contraption before but It's still a firm favorit for cleaning the bathroom. Using it gives you ten times the strength to clean the tiles (or a tub if you have one, lucky you!) with ten times less elbow grease. Instead of just using your arms you can get your whole body behind it. It's like using your legs when lifting heavy things as opposed to just your poor back. No, Vileda haven't contacted me either. But they too should!

While I'm cleaning the bathroom I'm washing the shower curtain, the bath mat and the towels. I love that it all gets done at the same time so while the tile sealant dries, this dries and I can later put it all back, fresh and clean at the same time.

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