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Chez Larsson

Metal Matchbox

I had a couple of left over round metal boxes that were dying to be made over. They used to contain spices but have been sitting empty in the basement pantry for a while.


At the same time I was sick of our matchboxes. I used to recover them with paper but that felt a bit tired. I do love the classic design of our regular matchboxes but am not keen on them lying around. I wanted to have something that could be left out without it feeling too much like clutter. I LOVE this one and it was just about the only thing on my Christmas wish list but I didn't get it so I guess it wasn't meant to be :).


So, I emptied out the matches into the metal boxes, cut off the striking surfaces and cut them in half…


…taped the striking sufaces together at the back and trimmed them so they would fit inside of the metal lid…


… and then used double sided tape to stick them to the inside of the lid.


Hey presto! Two matchboxes. One for the livingroom and one for the kitchen. Oh, and the stickers were from Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels last year.