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Bathroom Three Ways #1

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A reader in Iceland needed help with her bathroom. This is the first of three color and mood themes I have for her.

Above is the plan she sent of the layout of the bathroom she's planned. Opposite the sink, next to the shower cabin there will hopefully be a washing machine she says but it will make for an akward nook in the corner under the sloping ceiling next to the toilet. Kind of unused space.

My suggestion is to place laundry baskets there. I love having three; one for white, one for color and one for dark laundry. That way the nook will be put to good use and it will be convenient right next to the laundry machine.


The three color and mood themes I have put together are "Soft", "Bright" and "Natural".

Here are the components of today's Soft theme. I've chosen mainly sources available on Iceland but also webstores that offer international shipping:

1. I chose a powdery lavender for the walls. The color number is NSC S1020-R50B. NSC is the color system we use here in Sweden. All paint brands use the same although the brands often name their colors too. I chose this straight out of the color fan so I don't have a fancy name for it. I'll name it myself shall I? Please meet Lavender Thoughts!

2. Not really a suggestion for this reader's bathroom because she has chosen rectangular tiles. But for those of you out there who have ugly tile borders in your bathrooms (why do they do that in the first place?!) these pretty standard tile size stickers can cover those less pretty ones.

3. These angel wing hooks are so cute. Imagine a row of them with fluffy towels and bathrobes. Dreamy.

4. Toiletry bags can be used in your own bathroom as practical and pretty storage. Remember the case I showed last week? I never use that for traveling, only as storage. These purple straw beauties can sit on a shelf looking pretty in Malin's bathrrom AND she can put something inside 🙂

5. I like these white wicker lined laundry baskets. The fact that they're lined means your delicates will be protected in there.

6. Swedish Himla is a favorite brand of mine. Check out these bath mats which also come with matching towels. Perfect for the soft powdery look.

7. Tove Adman is a designer who often uses concrete in her designs; candlesticks, boxes and here a soap dish. I like the combination of the soft solors in this theme with the roughness of the concrete.

8. Another material I like for this theme is galvanized steel. Aside from looking great it also works really well in a bathroom environment because it's rust proof. I can see a row of these little mini flower pots corralling  all sorts of bathroom necessities like toothbrushes, make-up, q-tips, cotton balls etc.

Ok, that was the first of the three themes. Two more to go later on, stay tuned.


Ps. Due  to a new and very fun project I'm involved in I won't be able to take on any more reader projects here on my blog than the ones I already have promised. I wish I could help more of you out but at the moment there's just not enough time.