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Easter Prep

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Here's an egg craft I've been dying to try ever since I saw it in Martha Stewart Living back in 2001. A few of weeks ago I was approached several times by a PR company who teased me to no end with suggestions of Easter crafts made with a Dremel multi tool and I kept deleting the messages. In the end I just blurted out that I don't have a Dremel so I can't post about this. Lo and behold, they then offered to send me one to try out! I haven't been so excited in a long time! Tools do that to me, you know.

Speaking of tools. For this craft making holes and air filled lungs works too (as you can see in the Martha link above) for blowing an egg out but I found this little egg pump many many years ago which enables you to blow out an egg without half fainting AND only one hole is needed. I use the old awl to poke a tiny hole…

…and the pump does the rest. After the egg's out you fill the pump with luke warm water  and rinse the inside. And of course you can use the egg for cooking after.
 EDIT: Egg pump available here!
I used Martha's method and taped along the cut lines but later realized a pencil mark works just as well.

Cutting the egg was so cool and easy! Here's Wille having a go but he thought the smell of the egg shell was too weird so I ended up cutting most of them. EDIT: I should mention that I use a diamond wheel to cut the eggs as it much thinner than the standard that comes in the 4000 kit and cuts with more precision.

There they are at the top after sanding the edges slightly, again with the Dremel. Of course there were some causalities too, they are eggs shells after all. The broken ones came about not from the cutting but from when I removed the masking tape to quickly. Go figure.

Martin went to his high school reunion (35 years!) Saturday night and Wille and I sat down and crafted. So much fun! I realized how rare those real crafting moments are nowadays.

A lot of the things I do at home are out of necessity such as shelf in bathroom needs fixing (post coming up) etc. I don't mind doing any of that (do wish I had more time to do it though) and I could probably skip doing it and find another solution but I enjoy it.

On Saturday though it was totally unnecessary and 100% fun. Wille and I even continued after Sunday Survivor and finished up. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. I'm so, so grateful to have a soon (two weeks from now) to be sixteen year old son who still enjoys spending time with his mom.

And the result? You'll have to wait and see :).