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Chez Larsson

Easter Tree

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 Cute little dots in the Easter tree I hear you say. What are they? Clue, you probably have a bunch of them around.

Yup, you guessed it. Or didn't? Buttons, boutons, knöpfe, knappar! I have so many and hardly ever use any other than the occasional white one as a replacement on a shirt.

There are so many cute and fun buttons in colors I would never use on garments but in our Easter tree they're perfect. I simply strung each button on a transparent thread (regular sewing thread works fine too of course but I happened to have this and I like the way you hardly see the thread) made a loop and put a knot at the end.

I love it! Made it myself, it's recycled, it's almost free (too old to climb our birch tree in the back yard so I bought the branches at the flower market). What more can you want from an Easter tree?