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Chez Larsson

Egg Crafts

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So, here's the reveal of the egg crafts Wille and I did on the weekend with my new Dremel tool. First up is Don the sailor. Wille named him after Mr. Duck because of the hat.

  Don's row boat features two oars (kind of a requirement it being a row boat), a compass, and a bailer.


Wille drew the planks and the water with a pencil and filled in with a permanent marker and then colored in with another marker.


The oars are two toothpicks with folded and glued paper at the tips. Square pieces of paper were glued to the toothpicks with glue stick and the shapes of the oars were cut out after.


The egg shell was stuck to a concave button with the help of adhesive cushions to stabilize it and allow it to be displayed without falling over.

Our next model is Umbrella man. He sports a stripy high fashion brolly with rick rack trim. On top a turquoise bead stuck to the sturdy handle. He's a true fashion victim as the tooth pick actually spears him… Wille was a bit upset as I poked him to attach it. Again a button serves as the base.

We found that keeping the broken pieces of egg shells was good as they could be used to try stuff out on before going for it on the actual egg. We tried out different markers but also different types of glue. We ended up using Elmer's glue for embellishments such as the rick rack and Super Attak to attach things to the shells. 

Please meet Bick (short for Baby Chick). She's quite happy in her green stroller. The sun's out so she makes sure the hood's up. Her exclusive white cotton bedding will make her the talk of the town in Henville, I'm sure.



The wheels are two sets of two buttons and two tooth picks. Tiny adhesive cushions hold the shell in place. And yes I noticed that one cushion is on there crooked.


We considered all sorts of craft paints, both water and oil based but ended up using markers for everything. Dries immediately and we had some pretty colors on hand.


All the little furry and feathery creatures (which I got in China btw, sorry) are stuck to their bases or their seats with those little adhesive cushions.

Next up is Bentley. He's enjoys a ride in his egg-mobile on the streets of New York City. Luckily there's no rain as he chose not to upgrade to a model with windshield wipers.

A steering wheel was included in his purchase though and it's a button stuck with Super Attak to a macaroni. The macaroni was then attached inside of the egg shell with an adhesive cushion.

We gave Bentley two choices of crash helmets. One with a chin strap and one without. The one without didn't want to stay in place (I used the Dremel to cut off the loop of the left button) so we ended up threading a string to the loop of the intact button and tying the helmet under his chin. Very dashing. And probably safer too.

Last but no least I'd like to introduce you to S. Howercap. He's a modern dude who enjoys being pampered at the spa.

The checkerboard floor is simply a pieces of cardboard painted with a marker. The tub feet are little plastic beads and the tub spout a small piece of bent electric wire.

S. Howercap really does need his namesake on top so the pom-pom suds won't get in his hair. The cap was made from a piece of plastic bag which I stitched around and gathered. The rubber duck in the tub? A lucky find of a scrap-booking brad.

I hope you enjoyed our Easter crafts. I know we did!