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Chevron Tray

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So a bunch of you asked to see the how-to for the chevron tray which was the backdrop for my daffs last week. I wasn't sure if I was going to post about it because it didn't turn out as I had hoped but then again, I might as well show you that not all my craft projects are successes.

This is how the tray started out, a mustardy yellow thing from the local Red Cross charity shop. I like yellow but not that kind of yellow.

I took my tray downstairs into the garage for the first part of the makeover which was to spray paint it white. First the surface needed to be keyed so I sanded it and wiped it clean. When spray painting it's best to do many thin coats instead of a couple of thick ones or you'll get a runny result.


After all the coats were finished I noticed I had missed the edges so I got my white posterpaint out and drew along there.

So that was the tray part done and I moved on to the pattern. I've been seeing all these cool chevrons about but there's not much of that around over here so I decided to make my own. I used a piece of paper from a note book  and used the lines to get a somewhat even pattern.

Then I proceeded to cut out my chevron template and used it to trace the pattern on to my choice of green paper. This is where things started to go wrong. You see, when I get an idea I want to try it out IMMEDIATELY. No time to think things through and certainly no time to wait until the next day so I could get the right kind of paper so I just went with what I had and it was WAY too thick.

See how it lays there all rigid? Not really ideal for decoupaging which is what I had in mind. Please, when you are at this stage and notice that things aren't really the way they're supposed to be, STOP and consider getting the right paper and doing it properly ANOTHER DAY. But no, I'm afraid that doesn't apply to me.

I went ahead and stuck those stiffies down and got my mini clothes pegs in to help me hold the edges in place. The way you decoupage is that you use the stuff as glue to stick your paper down and then you use the same to finish on top. It's milky whilte when wet but dries clear.

Here's the finished result. It LOOKS nice but once you come up close you realize what a mess it is. There are little gaps between the paper and the tray where the paper just didn't want to adhere properly because it was too stiff and where I used the clothes pegs there are marks. I'm afraid this one's going to be used in the garage in the future. I will use it as a project tray for paint, brushes, rags etc.  It seems I will be painting the outside of our house in style later this spring.