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Hanging a Clock with Velcro

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I've been meaning to post about my favorite tools. They are not really tools but things I keep on using and using and using. This is not that post but as I was thinking about it I realised that Velcro is one of those things.

You've seen me use it (among other things) to keep the carpet down, as a watch strap closure, as a heat pack dito and here's another use; to hang stuff! I had a comment on the carpet post from Karen who used velcro to hang pictures and while I'm not there yet (it's the best idea though!) but I've been using a piece of heavy duty sticky back velco for years to hang that clock you see above in the kitchen.

Tile is tricky for hanging stuff unless you know for sure you want that permanent hole in the middle of a tile or can position your hole in the grout lile. Neither of these options worked for me so I tried the velcro and it works a treat. I love velcro!