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Spring Cleaning Outside Part 1

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Last year I didn't take a lot of photos of my spring cleaning process outdoors. Then I got a bunch of questions on how I keep everything clean so this year Mr Canon joined me.

This was me the weekend before last. I'm always eager to get cleaning as soon as the snow has melted because later on there's so much else to do so I'd rather have this process out of the way.

On the agenda that day was to clean the awning and the front steps and other little details.

I was meaning to get a special awning cleaning product but, as is often the case, I couldn't wait so I just used what I had on hand; A power washer, soap, mildew remover (from the bathroom) and a long brush. Oh, and a water supply, aka the garden hose.

This is the horrid green and dirty before. Our awning is always pulled out a meter/yard or so so that Mini and Bonus have a covered walkway to the kitty door. I know, we are pathetic.

After wetting the awning I sprayed on soap and the mildew product and then used the long brush and scrubbed away. I let it sit for a while and then let the power washer do the rest of the work for me. I was up on the little step ladder but the dang machine leaked so although I was wearing a rain coat and rubber gloves I got completely soaked. The awning got clean and so did I. Or did I? Hehe.

After the awning got done I went to the front of the house and cleaned the steps and trellis with the power washer. I love to see the dirt just disappear. The powerful water stream is pretty harsh on the white paint of the trellises but I'm not too worried. I let everything dry up completely and then I'll repaint where necessary later this spring.

Obviously the pots needed replanting  and I wanted to change from my winter broom to my spring one.

Martha and I get accused sometimes for paying way to much attention to detail and I guess the winter/spring broom thing is grounds for accusation. I plead guilty as charged. I mean how can I live with a winter broom next to my spring pots?!  Impossible.

Here's another thing I attacked with the power washer. Dirty, grimy and slippery after a year of use since cleaning it last year around this time.

I get high on this. I've said it before about decluttering, but I can honestly say it about cleaning too, no need for a shrink ever when a little cleaning can make you feel this good.

So that's part one of my spring cleaning routine (is it a routine if you only do it once a year?). Stay tuned for part two. Or don't if it's all too much of a good thing and if you're not half as excited as I am about this topic. I won't hold it against you.