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Watch that Strap

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Do you wear a watch? I haven't worn one in years because I used the cellphone clock to tell time. Then my cell phone broke down and I got a new one from work and, excuse me, it sucks! I need to unlock and turn the bloody phone on to see what time it is. And aside from the fact that it sucks it's also the ugliest piece of telephone you ever saw, red and black. In my book that equals eeek! I prefer to take it out as seldomly as possible.

Hence the sudden need for a wrist watch! I love the classic Timex watch and was looking for one when I went to the States in December but they only had the men's version in gold. So when I got an Amazon gift card I ordered two watches, the one above and one of those 70's digital ones.

The strap on that watch is very manly and dull though and as I couldn't find one of those nice grosgrain straps on Amazon when I ordered the watch I decided to try making my own. Here's a selection of the ribbons I had on hand that were of the right width.

In the end I was such a bore and went for the black and white. Maybe I'll make a pink one too, so don't despair!

All there was to do was measure the ribbon around my wrist and then some to overlap. I used sticky back velcro and folded the edges of the ribbon over before taping the velcro on so there would be no fraying.

This is what it looks like after taping the velco on. One part of the velcro needs to go on the back of the ribbon and the one on the other end to the front so you can stick them together when it's on your wrist.

I was done here and it stays put but I may run a stitch on the sewing machine around the velcro if I notice that the tape starts unpeeling. If you are better safe than sorry and if your watch is more precious than my $25 Timex you should probably do it right away.

I on the other hand like to live on the wild side.

Did you have a good weekend btw? I did! We had lousy weather on Friday and Saturday with rain, rain and more rain so I did a bunch of stuff inside. Yesterday the sun FINALLY came out and I FINALLY got a chance to treat the decking. Yay! Spring cleaning outside post coming up!


  • Diana from San Francisco says:

    Benita, you’re a genius. I have always loved ribbon bands, but it never once occurred to me to use velcro. Genius!

  • Judith says:

    What a great idea – looks so sweet! And I’m glad to see others appreciating good old Timex. Their slogan is “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking”, and that is SO true. I think my 25-year-old Timex is pretty much at the top of my “value for money” list.

  • susanne says:

    Wow vilken härlig ide`!!!
    Hade faktiskt klocka nu när jag var i USA. Annars är det telefonen som gäller för mig också. Jag hade verkligen velat haft ett annat armband då istället för det hemska grova svarta som sitter på klockan!!
    Tackar för tipset!!!
    Kram Susanne

  • Stina says:

    Det var ju riktigt fräsigt det där.;-) Kram Stina

  • Snyggt! Jag har nog precis det där prickiga bandet, men lite för lite för att kunna göra ett armband. Du är allt bra pysslig, du!

  • Kari says:

    Looks great!
    Sorry to hear the weather was bad most of your weekend. Here in SE WIsconsin we’ve had amazing weather; trees and bulbs are about 2.5 weeks ahead of where they should be! I did some serious weeding this weekend; had an area being taken over by a pernicious weed. I grubbed it all out and now get to shop for plants!

  • Lgrl says:

    Hi Benita – the watch strap is a lovely idea!
    can you please tell me how your watch is holding up to water? I just repalced my old broken watch with a new timexclassic for women watch, same water resistance (30 m) and i can not take a bath/shower/do dishes without it getting condensation inside… I have had timex before and never taken them off, even for swimming and had no problem. I have replaced the first one becuase i thought it was defective, but the second one is doing the same thing. Just curious about others experience. I really like the look of the watch I chose and don’t want to have to replace it… but I want a watch I can put on and never remove except to replace the battery… and not spend more than $30/40 !!!

  • Karin says:

    Hi Benita,
    I really like your choice of the classic Timex. It reminds me of your fondness for the Adidas Stan Smiths: an example of good design that I never really noticed until you pointed it out.
    Thank you for this. I have been reading your blog daily since January of 2009, and I don’t think any source I have ever looked to for advice on design or what our beloved Martha calls “homekeeping” has had so beneficial an effect.

  • Jus says:

    This is a great idea! I have quite a few watches with grungy straps, so this is just what I need… Simple and yet so brilliant! Thanks! 🙂

  • jja says:

    I can not live without my watch. But can with my mobile phone what makes my boss desperate. I prefer metal watches since it is nicer feeling when sweating in summer, then to have humid leather one…

  • jja says:

    It supposed to write – I can live WITHOUT my mobile phone.

  • I haven’t used it near water yet, so I can’t really tell yet.

  • I love the classics. Other faves are the LL Bean Boat and Tote and White Converse low tops 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    Perfect timing 🙂 my watch strap has just broken too so I’ll be following your lead with a ribbon strap for now. I must say that the Princess cake you did for Willie’s birthday looks fabulous and thanks for including the link to the recipe though it may be a bit too difficult for my level of baking skill!

  • qlka says:

    Benita, it’s great idea!
    And how lovely it looks now:)

  • SandyPie says:

    What a fantastic idea!! I wish I’d thought of it, all the years of trying to find wristbands to fit my larger than “average” woman’s wrist but no wanting to buy a man’s watch. I love this, thank you so much!!