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Chez Larsson

Yuck + Get Organized

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See that drawer under our oven? No? Well there is one and in it we keep less often used pans and a mortar and pestle.

The thing about the drawer is that because it's right under the oven door, any grease that's on the door will drip into the drawer when the oven is hot. After a while it looks disgusting. A while ago I came up with the solution of a newspaper liner.

All that needs to be done when it's too gunky and disgusting is to remove the dirty newspaper and put a fresh one down instead. Easy peasy!

Oh, do you also want to get more organized…but maybe don't know where to start? My friend Aby's Organizing 101 is the fresh start you need! In this online workshop, led by Aby who is a professional organizer, you'll learn how to move from feeling overwhelmed to feeling motivated, inspired and empowered to get organized, once and for all. Aby will teach you a straightforward approach for decluttering your home. Plus you'll find out how to organize and store all the things you keep so they're easy to use (and put away when you're finished!).

The workshop is loaded with information that makes it simple to create a plan for decluttering and organizing. Plus throughout the workshop you have online access to Aby and a community of fellow classmated. It will give you everything you need to get your organizing projects done. The workshop starts May 6th, next Thursday, and here's where you can find out more about getting organized.