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A Favorite Store ~ Bruka Design

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The other day I desperately needed inspiration for work and left the office to take a stroll in the Stockholm shops. I'm pretty lucky that it's part of my job to window shop. I don't do it nearly often enough though…

I went to loads of stores for work but also passed some more personal favorites. Here's one of my faves, Bruka Design, and at the end of the post are some other stores I like but they wouldn't allow photos to be taken. I love that they just smiled and said "Sure!" at Bruka.

 As you can see it's quite "me". I la-la-love that lamp! And the letters. And the boxes. And the desk. I'm also loving the red and white. Again. It used to be my favorite combo but I haven't used it for a while, apart from around the holidays.

I've done the letter thing for quite a few years now and have gone off it a bit but I really like these small white ones and the fact that there are å, ä and ö.

What can I say? I find these rainbow displays so hard to resist even though I always end up buying white, but look at it, isn't it awesome? From a work point of view I love the way they've used the full height of the space.

These mail boxes are so cute. I see them on a lot of blogs where the tiniest size in red and pink are often used as little personal mail boxes outside little kids rooms. Adorable.

And there it is the little tiny one in orange. Displays like these really inspire me. So simple, so nice. It makes me regret leaving the world of interior design in favor of the little do-dads I work with.

So that was a little Bruka tour. Bruka means "Use" by the way and it makes me like it even more. And no, Bruka isn't sponsoring this in anyway. I wish. And they should:)


Here are some other stores I visited and if you're in Stockholm are worth seeing.

* R.o.o.m at PUB – Recently relocated to a prime spot in the city center. Fun and useful home accessories, design and furnishings in a range from the quite affordable to the expensive.

* 3rd floor furniture department at NK – New and loft like, very expensive and not really to my taste or wallet but worth a visit if you're already at NK and if you're from out of town you're bound to want to visit the largest department store. I used to work there in the visual merchandising department a long time ago.

* Granit – Great for storage and home accessories in white, natural, grey and black.

* Åhléns City – Not happy that they split the home department up on several confusing floors. Love their home basics though so I'll keep shopping.

I didn't get a chance to go to Svensk Tenn this time (it's location is kind of off my regular route) but I'll be popping by there soon enough.

EDIT: These shops should be added to the mix too.

* Designtorget – Fun and unusual designs for kids and adults. Indie designers as well as larger companies' goods. Several locations like Sergels Torg.

* Design House Stockholm – Swedish modern design. There's one a NK in the basement.


Ps. Need more Swedish inspiration? Check out my new favorite blogs Mitt Vita Hus and Helt Enkelt, both found via another fave En mammas Dag Weronica,. Even if you don't speak Swedish there are dreamy, pretty photos to look at.

 Hope you enjoyed!