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Bemz Shabby Chic Inspiration

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I get invited to quite a few press events and very rarely go (I'm really shy and feel awkward in that crowd of journalists who're looking all important and who all seem to know each other) but once in a while I can't pass it up.


Last Tuesday I attended the press show at Bemz here in Stockholm. Do you know of Bemz? Theirs is such a cool idea, they make custom slipcovers for IKEA sofas and chairs. Wish I came up with that!

BA 2
Bemz is well known for their fitted slipcovers already and they have a huge selection of really nice fabrics (yes, I grabbed some swatches…) to choose from but their new thing is Shabby Chic inspired loose slipcovers. The look is obviously totally inspired by Rachel Ashwell's style. Rachel along with Martha and in a way I guess Lesley Pennington (founder of Bemz, a Canadian expat in Sweden) really are heroines of mine. Talk about taking your idea to the next level!

BA 3
When I got the invitation to the show I was keeping my fingers crossed that that I would be able to switch covers on our old sofa Karlanda 3-seater to something looser but alas it's not a Shabby Chic model. Our covers are as old as the sofa (just noticed the 2003 stamp on one of the cushions as I was changing them a couple of weeks ago) and they are getting a little worn.

I do love the Belgian linen of the new designs so maybe light colored linen for the next fitted cover? Like I told you yesterday I've recently got this thing for linen and it seems I'm not alone. It appears to be the new big trend. Living Etc for example just ran a linen story and I keep seeing it everywhere.

BA 4
So are you noticing the dyptych photos here? Nice huh?! Well here's the thing. Bemz commisioned photographer Magdalena Björnsdotter (who btw shot our home for a yet to be published story for Allt i Hemmet) to shoot their press images They are the photos to the right (and the one at the top).

So what are the almost same photos to the left? Ha! They are blogger Susanne Kings' images of her own home. I love this idea of totally using the location and styling of a home owner as a backdrop for a photo shoot. It's actually very similar to when our house was used as location for a commercial a couple of years ago, they didn't change a thing other that plonk in the actors. It just automatically gives that lived in feel that can be so hard to attain if it were shot in a studio.

BA 5
So the new Bemz Shabby Chic inspired look is being launched on their website later today. Also be sure to check out Susanne's blog Me and Alice, oodles of inspiration if you like this look!

Thanks lovely people of Bemz for inviting me and thanks Susanne for letting me use your photos!