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Panduro Concrete Challenge 3

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So here's the second day of Concrete Week and submission #3 to the Panduro Concrete Challenge. Yesterday was about the outdoors but I wanted to make something for inside too.

I prefer making stuff that has a use and a purpose rather than just being decorative and I really needed a bookend. Here it is! B goes three ways. B for Benita, B for books and B for böcker (that's books in Swedish).

My bookend started it's life out as a Ferrero Rocher container. I know, too yummy. The MDF letter B came in a craft swap about a year ago.

When filling concrete into a hard container like this plastic one it's advised to coat the inside with some vegetable oil. I ended up breaking the container to get my bookend out but I think it would have been even harder without the oil.

So again after filling the two sides of the container with the concrete mix and with the B placed at the bottom of the lid I left it for 24 hours in the garage (don't leave it outside in the sun, it'll dry too quickly and won't cure well). Broke the mold, got the bookend out (had to do a bit of scraping to get the letter to emerge as some concrete had seeped in under) and sprayed with water several times over the next day.

I ended up painting the B white and added felt dots underneath so my bookend won't scratch the shelf it sits on.


And there you have it. I'm really pleased as this was something I truly needed.

Oh, if you are wondering about the air bubbles, I don't mind them. I think they add character. As a matter of fact over the weekend I noticed that the items I made in closed containers had more air bubbles and the ones I made in open containers had way less. The reason is pretty obvious though. You can tap out the air bubbles from the open containers but not so much the closed. But like I said I don't mind them.

Have you ever tried concrete crafts? You should. It's pretty messy but real fun.