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Panduro Concrete Challenge 4

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Lucky number 7? Anywhoo, this is submission #4 in the Panduro Concrete Challenge. I've been wanting to craft a house number and today I feel pretty lucky to live at number 7 in Bromma and not 17241 in Yorba Linda…

This is the milk carton project you saw glimpses of in my 365 last week. I needed to make my own mold for this so I figured the coated milk carton would work well.

I looked at different number 7's and after making my choice (Arial Black) printed and cut it out from paper.

Then I proceeded to cut the milk caron into strips. The width was determined by how deep I wanted the number.

I had this perspex sheet and figured it would be a good base for the mold. It was perfect since I could lay the number underneath and still see it.

I then connected all the strips into one long with masking tape. I made sure to keep one side flush with the surface all the time so there wouldn't be any gaps between the perspex and the strips.

Then it was just a matter of taping the strips along the lines of my number 7. I noticed it was easier to do loads of little tape bits instead of fewer longer ones and made sure to not leave any openings where the concrete might seep through.

As you can see I used masking tape to brace the mold and prevent it from collapsing after I got the concret in.

Here's the concrete I used. Also included in the kit all us bloggers got was natural liquid rubber. You can use this to coat molds that are made of paper or other materials that would otherwise soak through when the wet cement is inside.

I used it to seal the bottom of the mold, again to prevent the concrete from seeping through and ruining the shape.

The actual mixing and molding process took place in the garage and outside which is a good idea because the concrete powder is pretty dusty. Here my number 7 is resting in it's mold. As you can see I also added a stick in the base because I knew I wanted to put it in a planter and would need the stability.

In this photo you also see outdoor candle holder from Monday and the bookend from yesterday curing as well as another of my projects which will be revealed later this week.

Ooh, success! The project I was actually most worried about since I made the mold myself actually turned out pretty ok. This was taken as it was still a little damp and the stripes have since disappeared. While the concrete was till slightly damp I sanded the edges with a regular sandpaper btw. Concrete's cool like that!

And here it is. Will it and my other concrete crafts win me the 4000 Kronor / $500 worth of craft supplies that is the grand prize in the Panduro Hobby Concrete Challenge? It's going to be tough though because I know there are some pretty talented crafters in
the challenge.
We shall soon find out.