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Chez Larsson

Panduro Concrete Challenge 5

I've definitely been bitten by the concrete bug. Here's Submission #5 to the Panduro Concrete Challenge. This one's purely decorative the way it's used here but it could be used to stake a plant too.

My star-on-a-stick started out as a plastic star shaped container that we've had laying about for years. I have no idea where it came from originallly.

I used pliers to nip off some small bits of the hard plastic in one corner so I could get my stick through.


Then I filled the two sides almost full and quickly turned one on top of the other and then pressing them together.  I forgot to mention that I used plastic ties to secure the bookend and this one too. Not necessary but just to make sure they stayed together properly.

After inserting the stick I used a Skippy jar lid to elevate the end of the stick so it would be straight after the concrete had cured.


And here's my star!

If you are curious as to what my competion has been up to you can find links in the comments to this post at the Panduro blog which is where we're submitting our work. Unfortunately they aren't direct links, you have to copy and paste them into a browser. I haven't posted mine yet, I'll do that after I'm done posting them here and will add them all at once. Some of the bloggers who's submissions I'm most excited about seeing haven't posted their links yet so I think the best is yet to come.