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Chez Larsson

Panduro Concrete Challenge 6

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It's never too early to talk about Christmas, right?

At first I wasn't going to show you this submission to the Panduro Concrete Challenge until closer to the holidays but then I figured that when we're in late November it's less likely you'll want to be stuck in a cold garage or let alone outside crafting so this is actually the perfect time to make a holiday craft and then save it and bring it out in time for Advent first!

I used one of my lactose free milk cartons as the mold and the actual candles as part of the mold too.

I started off by opening the top where the spout is and cut that part off. I then cut along the long side to create a long box with a flap lid. To get the box shape I cut and taped the end shut where the spout had been. Masking tape is great for that purpose and these projects.

I then drew a line down the center of the length of the lid of the carton and measured the length of it and divided that by five which gave me four intersections for where the four advent candles would go. The cool thing is that I realized I could use the spout part I had just cut off as a template for the candle holes. Neat huh?

Here's the base of the mold. A rectangular box with four holes in the lid. The great thing about milk cartons btw is that they are coated on the inside so there's no need for the liquid rubber or any oil.

Here the carton is filled with wet concrete. As you can see it's bulging and wants to go in all sorts of directions and this is where the masking tape will again come in handy.

You simply use the tape to brace the carton. After the initial tape to get the correct basic shape I added the candles and then taped the whole thing to make sure the concrete stayed where I wanted it.


24 hours later I peeled off the carton and wiggled the candles out. I left my concrete advent candle holder in the garage for another day and sprayed it with water to help it cure.

And here it is. A little ivy in June will be switched to something more christmassy come December but I love how simple it is.