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Chez Larsson

Panduro Concrete Challenge 7


So, while I was working on my other house number for the Panduro Concrete Challenge last week I also had this idea, a flat plaque that could be hung I suppose, but I kind of like it like this, embedded in the gravel outside our house.

Again I printed and cut a number out of paper. I do love that fat Arial Black 7 so I used it again but smaller than the last so it would fit inside the tin lid I wanted to use as the mold.

By the way, tin lid = not a good idea. It's so much better to use a cardboard lid and line it with the liquid rubber thing because paper can be peeled off after the concrete has cured. More on that later though.

I traced around my paper template onto a piece of foam core board and proceeded to cut the 7 out with a craft knife.

Here it is. Because the foam core board has paper on top and I was afraid that the foam might stick to the concrete…

…I used regular clear office tape to cover the whole thing. I taped. And taped and taped some more and…
…in the end I flipped my 7 over so it was backwards because I was using the bottom of the tin as the front of my plaque. Oh, and I oiled both the number and the tin before adding the concrete mix.


Here it's curing in the garage with the rest of my things. After It had been sitting in the garage for about 24 hours and been sprayed every so often with water it was time to take it out of the mold. Ehem. This is where I got into trouble.

The dang tin lid didn't want to let go of my concrete plaque. At all. I tapped gently. Harder. Violently. But to no avail. I ended up having to take my pliers out and break into the mold which caused some cracking to the finished plaque. It also caused some blood shed as I cut myself on the tin lid.

I did get it out in the end though and after removing my foam core 7…

… all's well that ends well and so, that's my 7th and last submission to the Panduro Concrete Challenge. Fitting it's a 7 then. Lucky no 7? We'll see. Hope my little crafts have inspired you to do something out of concrete. It's been so much fun!