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Panduro Concrete Challenge 1 + 2

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So, Wille has named this week Concrete Week. The reason being that I was invited to participate in a craft challenge hosted by Panduro Hobby (Panduro is the local equivalent to Michael's craft store) and all this week I thought I'd show you what I made with the craft supplies I was sent.

The main material all us thirty or so Swedish bloggers got was concrete! I've done concrete crafts before so I was game!

What you see above is Submission #1, outdoor tablecloth weights. I love how they turned out, they look like little acorns!

I used these little plastic pods that came with Wille's Kinder eggs when he was younger. The clips came from some curtain rings I had in my sewing kit, I think they came from IKEA originally. I made a cut at the top of the pod with a craft knife and inserted the hook end of the clip in the slit.

Then I donned my craft/paint apron and plastic gloves. You have to be careful with concrete as it really dries your hands out and can sting.

There's a recipe on how to mix the concrete on the package but I like to make it a little wetter than that. A gruel consitensy works well for these projects I find.

I filled the pods and let them sit for 24 hours and then pryed off the plastic shells by cutting them open with the craft knife. After taking them out I  sprayed water on them (helps cure the concrete and makes it stronger) a few times over the next 24 hours. After that they were ready to dry out and be used.

Submisson #2 is kind of Concrete Craft 101, using two containers, one inside the other and filling the void in between with concrete.


I've made plant pots like this in the past but this time I made it the size that will fit an outdoor candle.

Ok, so I have plenty more to show you this week. Yes, I have been busy over the weekend. Crafting is so much fun, especially at someone else's expense, haha! Thank you, Panduro!