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Chez Larsson


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You've seen our cube stools/otttomans here on the blog countless times and last week I improved on them because I wanted an easily accessible foot rest for my armchair.

That's a dusty floor! Yikes! Not the improvement I was about to show you. But the wheels are! If you are a long time reader of Chez Larsson you know we have wheels on a lot of our furniture. It's just so practical and I love the subtle industrial vibe of the wheels. I simply cut the end bits off the legs and screwed on the wheels. Time consumption: 15 minutes.

Bonus seems to approve too because after I added the wheels the corner right there on the green throw suddenly became his favorite spot. He spent almost all of the rainy and cold (where did summer go?!) weekend right there. Sometimes in loaf mode as per above and sometimes sprawled all over relax style.