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Chez Larsson

Adding Wheels to an Armchair

I'm working on my new desk area. Actually it's pretty much done aside from some details but I'll keep you in suspense for a little while longer. Ha ha!

To go with the new desk I needed a new chair because the stool I had there before was way too high. It's not new though the chair I had in mind, it's actually pretty old and has been moving around in the house all these years but hasn't really been sat on much. I wanted it to be a little more mobile though so I added, yes you guessed it, wheels!

Martin got these wheels for me that are super easy to attach and which work for narrow surfaces like the legs of  a chair.

All you do is get a 10 mm / 3/8 inch drill bit and drill a hole and pop
in the white bit. As you can see I pre-taped the drill bit after measuring the stick end of the wheel thingy. Then it's just a matter of drilling straight until reaching the tape.

And there it is, the wheel inserted. I normally get my wheels at Clas Ohlson but they didn't have wheels that could be inserted so Martin got these at Tellus. It's the coolest store, all wheels and casters and not much else. Love specialty stores like that!

Our floor in the closet/desk area and adjoining bedroom is actually a pine sub floor which we discovered under a few layers of hideous fake linoleum. It's not the hardest of floors so the wheels will probably leave marks but it's not a precious floor so I don't really  mind.

I'm on wheels people! I'm on wheels!