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Chez Larsson

Origami Butterfly Mobile

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So a number of you wanted to know more about the butterfly mobile I hung over the new desk. I don't know if you could see that properly but the butterflies are origami, i e folded from 15 cm / about 6 inch square origami paper. 

When Wille and I sorted out the stuff in his room we came upon an old packet of these papers and I wanted to do a butterfly after seeing it in this post by reader Ania.
Couldn't find the instructions for that particular species which is super cute but I found
the one above by Oxford Origami googeling. 

Here's a little video I shot today of how to fold a butterfly just like the ones above. The body part at the end took a bit of figuring out but it's actually pretty easy. Be sure to make that first fold nice and neat or you will have the inside white showing further down the line.

I used a mobile structure which I already had at home and simply clipped my butterflies on there but you can find mobile structures in craft stores or at least the materials to make your own, Think thin dowels and string.