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Storing Rolls of Gift Wrap

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When we rebuilt the craft corner desk area (yes I promise I'll show it soon!) I lost the slot for my rolls of wrapping paper so I had to come up with a new solution for storing these tall babies.

Enter one of the trash cans I found in the recycling area at work. I know, I love that place! Also enter the wheels I had bought to add to the ottoman in the bedroom. I've since bought new ones so the ottoman will also be able to pop wheelies soon, don't worry.

This was a super quick fix because I didn't even screw the wheels on, I just added cushioned tape rectangles. A warning though, they are a nightmare to remove so don't add these to anything where you want to remove them anytime soon.

But since I'm happy with my idea with a can on wheels (actually I'm happy with anything on wheels as you know by now) I went for it and it feels super sturdy.

And there they are right way around. And yes, that's a drip on the floor of the semi-new unit. Will be amended, pronto.

My rolls in a Rolls Royce of a trash can. Me likey!

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