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The Desk ~ Part I

Pysselhörna (27)
So, this is now partly gone. There are probably a few of you who are sad to see it go because it's one of the most favorited photos of mine on Flickr but it just didn't work for me any longer.

I spend so many hours on the computer at work and at home and after standing at the desk at work for eight hours I added another few at the standing desk at home and needed an option where I could sit down. Also I've had the need for more desk top space for when I use the Bamboo and when scanning negatives and for more time consuming crafts. This had to be done at the dining table before and I hated to bring everything I needed out there and having to clear it away before dinner.

So the first thing that needed to go was the dresser that stood in front of the window. That now resides in the boat room.

Then we started to dismantle the unit we built earlier. Turns out it was pretty well built and more solid than we remembered so a what I thought would be a minor dismantling job became much bigger endeavor.

After everything was disassembled I could do a little test drive with the pieces that were to stay. I decided that there would be a narrow unit for the muji drawers to the left and then we debated whether to keep the slot for the gift wrap rolls to the right along with the other mujis but as you know we already we ended up skipping those.

This is what we came up with instead, some shelves. It was at this point where we started thinking maybe we wouldn't put the top part of the original unit back up again as we had planned because it looked so neat with that blank wall above the desk top.

It did mean there would be a little bit less storage but I'm always game when it comes to purging so I sorted my belongings and decided there where quite a few things that could be donated and quite a few things that didn't need to be stored here but could be in the storage room instead.

I know I'll get comments on the radiator and the desk top covering it so I took this shot to show you that there's a cut out in the desk top below the window where hot air can escape upwards. Yup, that radiator could do with another coat of paint seeing it from this angle, but one never really does, this was for your eyes only.

Another little rad detail (rad as in radiator, not as in cool) is the round hole to the left. It allows for a hand to reach the thermostat knob. It's also almost invisible in the room because if you want to see it you'll have to step inside Martins closet. That's where I was.

And since I'll be sitting here with my lap top from time to time I added a "permanent" cable for it. I got a second one (the one that came with the lap top is hidden away in the home office) and disguised it and the lamp cable with a "sock" on one side  and a plastic cable tube on the other. It's what I had at home and it will have to do for now. They are both white and that's what matters. The black chunk can't be seen unless
 you're on the floor looking up and I somehow doubt that Mini and Bonus care.

And finally, here it is! We salvaged part of the desktop and the sides and one of the plinths and added the rest. I love it already at this bare stage. Stay tuned for a more styled version.