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Chez Larsson

The Desk ~ Part II

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Tadaa! My new desk in all its glory. I'm sitting here right now actually, writing this and it feels great. As you can see Mini's bed from the dresser is still in its original spot but now on the desktop. 
The cube shelves that used to hang on the livingroom wall now serve as extra storage for supplies. The Kate Spade shopping bag is a clutter collector. In it I toss whatever needs to get out of the way now and be sorted later.

Gel pens and Sharpies are kept in two cans and to the the right is our address book. The cute print is by 
Tiel Seivl-Keevers.

Below the desktop to the left are my ribbons and other gift wrap materials in Muji drawers. I love how you can see a little bit inside.

To the right are some more Muji drawers with craft supplies in them and to the left of those are a few of the folders I had in the upper storage unit earlier. The rest went downstairs. They were either empty or had things I wanted to save but not necessarily needed around. Above the folders are some baskets and a box in which I keep ongoing or planned paper projects.

When we lowered the desktop I was left with two Muji drawers and I simply placed them on the desktop.

One of these days I'll show you more in detail what's in each drawer. For now, h
ope you enjoyed. Over and out.