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Chez Larsson

Favorite Unexpected Tools

I’m beat. I’ve been painting away in the basement for four days straight without hardly any breaks and Martin and Wille will be returning home within the hour so mini post today.

Just thought I’d show you two of my favorite tools. One is a white opaque marker and the other is an old blunt kitchen knife.

What I use them for?

The white marker is great if there’s a small dark spot on my white wall. I just dab quickly with the marker to cover it. It’s probably not the perfect white shade to match the wall but it’s way better than the stain it’s covering. I’ve also used it on my white trainers, on various craft projects and to disguise nails. 

As for the knife it’s almost easier to tell you what I haven’t used it for. It’s been my handy (still in the kitchen knife drawer but not used for food any longer) companion for eons. It’s perfect for scraping off peeling paint, for poking and prodding, for scraping off accidental droplets of dried paint on floor (will be using it in the near future!) etc etc.

What are your indispensable tools that you use for other things than their intended use, if any?