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Chez Larsson

Water Bomb String Light


Evenings are getting darker now and I was longing for a string light in the living room. I keep one up always except for the summer months. The one I had up last was broken and I tried to find a nice new one to buy but stores don’t stock them yet. All I had at home was this snowflake one. Aside from feeling out of season it was also not very pretty with some yellowing around the bulbs. 


That’s when I remembered the instructions for the butterfly mobile. It also came with instructions for water bombs.

008 (2)


So I made a bunch. Well, like twenty to be more exact. I made them out of tracing paper which turned out to be a bit more difficult to fold than regular or origami paper.


But it was worth it because once done they looked pretty neat. Possibly a bit too big but they will do nicely until later in fall when stores will start selling string lights again.