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Check out my Rack

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Teehee… I couldn’t resist that headline but this is actually not my knob rack. It’s Wille’s. It hangs on the wall behind the door to his room and it’s used for the occasional piece of clothing that’s not otherwise on the floor and for useful stuff like a flash light, underwater camera and vodoo doll.

After Reid at Ghostnest offered me to try out the Dreamerator to make my own custom knobs I knew I wanted to try making a knob rack too. I love how it turned out.

If you missed yesterday’s how to for the rack you can find it here.



We had another idea for a knob rack too and it spells Martin’s name in nautical flags using the Sky Hudson knobs. Considering how things turned out since I’m not wasting time on finishing that project. I’m nice but not THAT nice. Haha.