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Chez Larsson

Family Knob Rack

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Remember the cool map knobs I had made a while ago courtesy of Ghostnest? I also got some black and white photo ones with our family portraits. These are the metal Satin Yuba ones I mentioned last time and they have a much more substantial feel than the clear Crystal Comal and Sky Hudson.

My project for the knobs was to make a new rack for Wille’s room. This is what I’m replacing. Functional but unexciting.


I had this piece of MDF lying about in the garage and lo and behold it was the perfect size and was painted white already. How likely is that? I took it and measured where the center was and then calculated width of the space between the knobs and marked that out in pencil.

Then I drilled holes for the screws that came with the knobs.


In order for the rack to hang flush against the wall I counter sunk the screw holes at the back by using a fatter drill bit and drill just enough to allow for the screw heads.

Then I used an even fatter drill bit to drill holes on either side at the back to allow for the wall screw heads to be inserted into the hanging plates.


After drilling the holes I used a craft knife to score around the pencil markings I’d made around the plates…

… and used a narrow chisel to remove just enough of the inside to allow for the plates to be sunken, again so the finished thing would be flush against the wall. Then I added the two little crews that came with the plates. I had already added the knobs at the front of the board but it’s probably easier to screw them on at this point.


Yikes, I’m in a hurry! Just enough time for a sneak peek. Stay tuned until tomorrow for the full reveal!