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Chez Larsson

Flash Card Art


A couple of months ago I felt inspired to get some new art for the living room wall. I considered all kind of things but in the end settled for some flash cards via Etsy. My idea was to frame them and then group the frames.
The frames I got already had beveled mats inside and I brought the flash cards to the store (Åhléns) to measure which cards would go in which frame. Then I simply added little adhesive pads to the backs of the cards so they would appear floating within the mats inside the frames.


Here’s my favorite one all done. These green on white cards where what prompted me to get the whole lot from the same seller (who by the way said she had more where they all came from so convo her if you’re interested!).

Here’s an other fave. Technically not made out of flash cards but game markers but I love the orange color and the small size. Can you read the subliminal message in there? Clue: Joey…

So do you approve or too many bad memories from school? I only have good memories from these types of school materials. I remember having a book with letters in little slots on the pages in first grade and I loved working with them. I was bitterly disappointed when we were allowed to keep all our books after first grade but that one!

Yeah. So the boat is gone. Not all gone, in storage in the boat room, but I’m really happy with this arrangement and Wille and Martin approve too. Not that Martin has a say in this but for the record :).