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Chez Larsson

Shrunken Heads

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Moahahahaha!!! Last year Martin and Wille did their rendition of Martha’s shrunken apple heads using potatoes.


They carved them into different scary looking old men and an evil cat. I love how they look like those rocks on Easter Island.

They were dried in the oven at low temperature for quite a few hours (apples are probably quicker and according to Martha’s method no oven is necessary) until they shrunk. I can’t remember exactly how long so you’ll have to experiment. (Man, that oven door is filthy, btw!)


After we got them out of the oven we mounted the heads onto wooden skewers and they continued to shrink after that and really stuck to the skewers. I think I still have a few of them (Not all made it; one scary looking Easter dude lost his chin. RIP.) in our Halloween box.  Moahahaha!