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Three Swedish Blog Faves

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When I started reading blogs some years ago I was completely focused on US based ones simply because they were the ones I ran into on Flickr. Lately I’ve noticed that I’m turning my attention more to local Swedish blogs instead. Here are three current faves.

Mitt vita hus. White, pretty and friendly which is what makes me excited every time there’s a new post in my reader. Author Mia is so sweet!


Header 24-10 bred 
Mullvad natur I’ve mentioned Anna-Malin’s blog Helt Enkelt before. What can I say? Styling, photography, it’s all beautiful.


House of Philia by Petra. Gorgeous eye candy. Gorgeous! I’ll move right in thank you very much!

All three bloggers are Swedish moms who enjoy interior design, fashion and family life. The blogs are in Swedish obviously but well worth a visit for the images and you can always have them translated using Google Translate if you want to read bits and pieces.

You know how that works, right? You go to the Google Translate page and type in the URL of the blog you want to view translated and choose “From Swedish” and “Into what ever language you prefer” and click “Translate”. Voilà!

Thank you Mia, Anna-Malin and Petra for the loan of your photos and headers!!! Kram!