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Chez Larsson

365 Days in Print


As several of you suggested, and which was my plan from the get go, I had my 365 Days project printed as a book via Blurb.



Decided on a super simple layout with a week per spread and just the number of the week printed. There’s no journaling as I knew that it wouldn’t get done if I were to add that. I speak of experience as I started on a New York City book after the first trip Wille and I took two and a half years ago and it’s still not done. With this one I kept it simple and ordered it on January 1st.

I’m not super happy with the quality of all the photos. The cover turned out great (although I’m a little annoyed that I wasn’t able to move the title more to the right) and the paper (I chose premium paper) is really nice but the darker shots turned out very dark in print, Bonus is barely visible in a couple of them. Don’t know whether it’s my screen showing the images in a better light than they actually are but the darker months look a bit dreary in parts. The summer shots turned out nice though. I guess that’s what you get from living in darkness more than half the year.

Any way, I’m happy I did it and I’ll pop it in the book case for the future.

You can check out the whole book here if you want to or simply look back at the 365 posts here.