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Chez Larsson

Botanical Prints Framed


When I showed you the botanical prints on the oak picture ledge I had a some requests to see them from a far. Here you go! Also can you tell that the botanical prints are now framed?



They’re not really framed per se, but are sandwiched between two perspex sheets and held together with little office clips. I did this once before but this time I wasn’t so lucky to find that many and in the right size so I had these cut to size by my perspex contact from work.



I’m sure my friend Anne, the archivist, will have her say in whether this is a good way of displaying them or not, but frankly my dear Anne, I don’t give a damned :). It’s not that these are super precious pieces of art and besides I have a zillion more where they came from so they stay. For now. Until I think of something else I want to display there on that ledge. Hah!