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Depersonalizing /2


Yesterday we talked about removing personal photos when prepping your house before selling it. Another thing is to remove names. We have the tricky business of our last name on the front door and we haven’t decided what to do with that yet (we’d need to replace the window pane). But here’s where the name was easily removed. This is Wille’s room quite a few years ago and you can see his name frosted there on the door.



All those dots and letters are actually just stuck on the back of the Perspex sheet so all I had to do was to peel the letters off…



… until it looked like this.




Then I got my frosted film out and cut circles to cover the area. I used a circle cutter for the larger ones (the eraser protects the film so I don’t get a pin prick in the middle) and a circle punch for the smaller.



I then stuck them on making sure I didn’t get air bubbles and then smoothed each dot out with a credit card. And there it is, Wille’s depersonalized door.


  • Jo says:

    Oh now THAT’S clever. Having Wille’s name on a door certainly does count as personalisation.
    Jo xx

  • LeLo says:

    Wunderful! Wow. And the idea with the eraser is the best. I have that compass cutter, and I was always disappointed about the little prick in the middle. Thank you for this great idea. You made my day.

  • Hxx says:

    Oh boy I can’t believe you have to go to such effort when you are leaving!
    The state of the places we visited would give you palpitations, but we just ensured our house was clean and tidy for viewings (which is more than some of the places we saw), and with 3 children under 6, that wasn’t always easy!
    I don’t ‘get’ how people don’t have ‘vision’; my husband and my first home was a deceased estate, and still had old lady stockings on the radiators and slippers next to the chair when we went to view!

  • We don’t HAVE to do it but I figure everything that can make a sale go smoother without a huge amount of effort is worth it.
    As for viewing properties, you should have seen the state of our current house when we viewed it, it also had all the trimmings of a deceased estate. I do think a lot of people can’t see past that and to them that place would always be dingy and yucky.

  • tinajo says:

    Clever solution – and it looks good! 🙂

  • Hxx says:

    You can’t beat a greasy head-mark above a bed to keep the price really low!

  • Leena says:

    It’s like Wille’s name was never there!

  • Cristina says:

    Some experts in selling houses say that when you’re showing a house for sale, it must fell like a home and so , any details, such flowers in vase, family framed fotos and a smell of a cake just out of the oven , are all strategies to give that extra sense of “home” . Of course , this dpoes not aply to Wille’s name on a door . What do you think ?

  • I like houses that are empty so I can see the spaces. I know a lot of people don’t agree because they have a hard time imagining if there’s enough room for their furniture if there’s nothing there to compare to.
    If there is furniture I’d like for the place to be uncluttered and clean.
    The cake in the oven and scented candle thing just makes me wonder what scent they’re trying to hide…

  • Rachel says:

    Amazing! what a great idea!

  • Kara E. says:

    I agree with the “scents” sentiment. My mom and I are both fairly sensitive to smells, and anytime we look at new homes where there is a strong smell we always wonder what’s being covered up. Then again, I prefer my own home to smell like nothing except when cooking. 😀

  • Michelle of Montreal says:

    I love that Wille’s room has an extra half-door. It lets more light into the hallway and must make moving furniture in or out so much easier. I’ve occasionally seen it for the front door of a house, but not inside.

  • Wille’s room was an addition in the late 50’s and I think sometime in the 70’s the previous owners turned his room into a den instead of a bedroom and that’s when that door was added.

  • r8chel says:

    Interesting! I don’t think I had ever seen a picture of his door before. The original project must have been a lot of work!

  • devil says:

    I agree, Benita, and prefer to view an empty home. Both times we went house shopping we had a tape measure to check any needed dimensions. We don’t like anyone else’s furniture, anyway, so looking at it in the rooms didn’t help us.
    That said, I’m looking at the bones of the house. I already know I’ll have to repaint top-to-bottom and re-floor the place before I can even move in. Then the window treatments and light fixtures will all be replaced. Even in a new-built, I’d do these things because mass builders use cheap materials.
    Great job with the door dots…I’d have never known they weren’t always there.

  • Elaina says:

    Every square inch of your place is just awesome. I LOVE those doors!

  • Noga says:

    Hi Benita! I agree with your did. When I searched a house it was important to me to feel good energy when entering the house. The first impression was very important and I know your house gives good impression. I think this is the most painfull step in divorce, saying goodbye to your own home. So, yes it is good to make some time investment in order to sell it realy fast in a good price. It is amazing that even if it is a sad hour you do the right thing. You are one brave lady!