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Chez Larsson

List No.6: Men Who Make me Go Weak at the Knees

Ok. Those of you who are only interested in home related posts, have a great weekend and I’ll see you back on Monday! The rest of you who might be ever so slightly interested in seeing something only Benita related, check out my list of men!

So now that I’m super single I’m allowed to drool, right?! In no particular order, the men that make me go weak at the knees:



Hugh Laurie. Especially as evil Dr. House.



Sean Connery. At any age.



Neil Patrick Harris. Legendary. Baby face.



Robert Downey Jr. That smile. Those eyes.



Laurence Fox. Tall, blond, British and handsome.


On the other hand I have a short list of men who’s stardom I don’t understand. At all. What does “everybody” see in Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise that I don’t? What am I missing?

Who are your dream boats?

Anyway, It’s finally Friday! Wohooo!


Ps. Ooops! I accidentally published this ahead of time last night if you already saw it then