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Chez Larsson

The Finished Quilt


I finished the quilt! Actually it’s more of a patchwork blanket than a real quilt. My intention was originally to hand quilt the whole thing but…



… this is the reason why that didn’t happen. Can you see those little pin pricks? I started out doing a running stitch along the side and after three turns there were as many pricks in the tips of my fingers as there were on the actual quilt. I realized it would take me forever and that it would be too much work so I gave up and did it a little bit differently. But here’s how I made the patchwork blanket in the first place:



Remember the fabrics from Etsy I started out with?

They are :

* Riley Blake, Grey Cheery Circles on white

* Monaluna, Mingle, Polka Dots in steel

* Michael Miller, Ta Dots in stone

* Michael Miller, Huevos in gray

* School Days Writing Practice

* Michael Miller, Quatrefoil in pewter

I’m not linking directly to each fabric because it may be sold out from that particular shop but do an “all items”  search on Etsy and you’ll find them. I also added a few squares from scraps I had at home.



I used a rotary cutter and a cutting mat and folded the fabric a few times before cutting my squares so I wouldn’t have to cut each square individually. I chose to make mine 11×11 cm (about 4 1/4 inches square) + seam allowance.




I stitched the squares together three by three as you can see here.



I then stitched three strips of three into a square of nine and repeated the process until I had as many 9×9’s to make up my quilt size. My finished quilt is quite a long rectangle because I wanted it to fit over the end of the bed nicely.



After I stitched all my 9×9’s together I lay the whole thing on the living room floor right side up and added a layer of white cotton fabric and a layer of quilt batting. I pinned around all the edges and stitched three sides and turned the whole thing inside out which made the batting end up in the middle. Then I stitched the open end shut.

002 (2)

It was at this point I was going to do the hand quilting but after considering various options like tying little knots in all the corners of the squares etc I decided to go the easy route. So I got my sewing machine out and stitched each corner on the machine, going back and forth a little and then skipping to the next corner. After I was done with all the corners I snipped the threads in between off.



And there it is. Not really the hand stitched quilt that was my original plan but I still love it.