Fashion is everywhere

Chez Larsson

Thrifted Part 2


I promised I’d show you were my thrifted pieces ended up.

The white porcelain leaf dish sits on a stack of books in the built in cabinet in the dining area. Too dark to take the photo in there but you get the picture.



I use the Rosendahl storage jar in the kitchen together with other jars which I’ve also thrifted. They contain ingredients for our homemade granola. The melamine tray holds them temporarily but I’ll probably use the tray for snacks or breakfast.



My favorite find is the porcelain bunny. It hopped straight on to the shelf in the upstairs bathroom where it holds cotton wool. I suspect the bunny came from a cheapo gift shop to begin with but I love it. It’s white, funny AND practical.

What about that brown lamp I hear you ask. Well, that needed a revamp and deserves a separate post. Hopefully I can show you how it turned out sometime next week.