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Chez Larsson

List No.9: If Money Was no Object

This weeks list is another reader request. What would I buy for my new home if money was no object. Here goes:



I’m so getting a white Smeg retro fridge. We were going to get one for our current kitchen but this fridge is deeper than regular fridges so it wouldn’t fit. With the new place I can hopefully build around it. I’m getting the fridge/freezer version though and pray it comes in white as I can’t find it online. Pretty please be available in white!




But this was supposed to be a list of dream items I’d love but either can’t afford or don’t want to spend all that much on. On top of that list is white Corian kitchen counter tops. I loooooove the sleek all white look with the integrated sinks. Ikea has their own version (Personlig) which is more my budget and which I’ll be checking out.



Would I cook and bake more with a Kitchen Aid mixer? Probably not but I’d love for it to sit there on my counter top so I could pat it now and then and tell it that it’s looking mighty good!



For storage I’d love me some Snö by Jonas Bohlin and Thomas Sandell for Asplund. So simple. So perfect.



Yes please, Thank you very much!



And a couple of these if you don’t mind. Throw in two foot stools too while you’re at it!




I’d love some flower pots. The practical me says white but the crazy money-is-no-object me says, gimme one in each color!



I’m not used to having rugs but leather edged Björk by Lena Bergström for Design House Stockholm in light grey is so beautiful, it could move in with me any day.





I’d love to start listening to music more and maybe watch TV a little less but I hate all ugly technical gadgets and am reluctant to bring any more into my home. I’m sure I can find the perfect little spot for his little white iPal though. Pretty!



Here’s a classic that I’ve loved forever. I can so see Wille and I each having one on our desks, just like at NCIS.

So those are my dream items from the top of my head. What are yours?

And wiiiiee, it’s Friday! Have a good weekend!