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Chez Larsson

Let the Packing Begin



Tuesday 12th marked one month to moving day!

I’ve hired movers to do the actual moving and they mistook the date by exactly that month and as I was sitting attentively at a Google seminar on Tuesday morning I got a slightly desperate text message from Wille saying the movers were on our door step ready to start taking stuff out of the house… Haha!

Everything got sorted out quickly though and now that we have the boxes which they brought a few days ago (did they really expect me to pack up a household within a couple of days from delivering the boxes?) the packing can begin.

I’ve got a total of ONE HUNDRED BOXES! If someone would have asked me how many boxes I would need I’d have said thirty but my moving expert friend Anne used 100 moving out of her house and 80 moving from one apartment to another and since I apparently have no idea what I’m talking about I ordered the hundred boxes. I figure I don’t have to use them all and better have too many than too few.

So, wanna bet how many I end up using? I’ll even throw in a little goodie (which I’ll send anywhere in the world) for the person getting closest to the correct number. I promise I won’t peek at your numbers and adjust my packing accordingly :).

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