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Chez Larsson

List No.20: Things I need to Get for the House


So here’s a little sneak peek of the kitchen with some of my contractors doing their magic on it. I love these guys!!! This was the state of the kitchen on the day we moved in exactly a week ago. It has since been finished and I promise I’ll show you more next week after I get a chance to take some decent photos this weekend!

So on to this week’s list: Things I need to get for the house.

* Living room furniture. Seriously, I have a bed in there (not counting the new bed I got at IKEA on Sunday which I sleep on) and a bookshelf and that’s it. And why, oh why didn’t I get the two armchairs I saw at the local charity shop yesterday? I’m betting they will be gone when I get there tomorrow…

* A carpet for the living room. I think I will need something to pull the sitting area together.

* Fabric for a shower curtain. Oooh, I still need to show you the bathroom! Wiiiiie!

* An assortment of lamps. Lamps are so tricky. And expensive.

* A TV for the upstairs hall/den. Once we have that we can move the white one from upstairs to downstairs.

* A full length mirror for the hall. I accidentally left ours at the old house when we moved.

* A small writing desk for me. I’ve given up on the idea of the home office upstairs.

* A bedside table for me and one for Wille.

* An armchair for the den.

* Hooks for the hall.

* A table for outside.

I hope to get most of these things second hand cheaply but will probably spend a little more on some items. I really look forward to shopping but at the same time I dread having to spend time going places when all I want to do is stay at home and tinker about.

So, now I’m hoping for decent weather this weekend, a few more hours of sleep per night than this past week and that those armchairs are still available!

Happy weekend!