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Chez Larsson

Wille’s Room so Far

19 Willes rum 1

Here’s how Wille’s room started out. Original (not on a good way) blue linoleum tiles on the floor and a nondescript wallpaper. Lovely light though!




During the Easter weekend I tore up those tiles which were attached to Masonite boards which were nailed into the pine sub floor.



Here I could get a sense of what the room will look like. Wooden floors, light colored walls.




I painted the wallpaper white. I know a lot of you are against painting over wallpaper but in my book it’s ok. It’s a quick fix and although there are lines where the wallpaper overlaps it’s MUCH better than to live with the ugliness and wait until there’s time and energy to rip it off and start over. That could be months or even years. I don’t think Wille wants to wait that long. I know I don’t.



Yay! I finally made a decision on the flooring for all of the upstairs and the kitchen. I’ve gone for oak floors (as there’s oak in the living room downstairs) and I chose to go with a different pattern than downstairs because I realized I wasn’t going to be able to match it completely anyway. The floor is Kährs Linnea Wide Ek (oak) City. It’s a slim board that can’t be sanded but I chose it because there will have to be a difference in height in the living room and kitchen and this way the difference will be less than if I went with a thicker sand able floor. I went with the same for upstairs because it was easier that way and it saves me a few bucks that they can use off cuts from upstairs downstairs.



And here it’s being laid. I love how there will be no thresholds and the whole floor upstairs will be one big thing. EDIT: I'm not laying the floor myself, I had my contracters do it. I have laid this type of click floor in the past though and it's easy but I don't have the time this time.

That’s Wille’s room so far!