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Chez Larsson

Corner of the Attic Room


Remember this mini attic room? It’s off Wille’s room and he chose to use it as his bedroom. This photo was taken after I ripped the blue lino out. This is the even more horrid before.



Here’s that same corner again. What a huge difference a can of paint and new flooring can make, huh?! Before painting it we weren’t even sure if we could get a bed in there because it felt so cramped but after painting we realized there were several places for the bed to go. Wille opted to place it in the middle of the room. It’s actually a really cute room now.

Still to do in there:

* Have a new skylight installed. The old one is rotten.

* Build in Wille’s TV in one of the closets.

* Maybe wallpaper the “headboard” wall.

* Paint door and closet door.