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Chez Larsson



Now that I’m the proud owner of a dish washer (still no door attached though…) I don’t know how I ever survived without. It’s such a blessing to just pop the dishes in there after a hard days work, turn it on and hear it do it’s business.

I did realize after a while that I needed a dish drainer something because I always ended up with a tea towel on the counter to drain a few things that either aren’t dish washer proof or just needed draining, like after drinking a sip of water from my glass.

I looked everywhere for something small and fun and stumbled on this Grass dish draining rack by Boon. They are marketing it for parents of babies and toddlers but I love how cute and fun it is and the small size (10×10 inches/25×25 cm) fits perfectly next to the sink. Loooooooove.

After linking I saw that there’s a slightly larger one available too. It’s called Lawn :). How cute is that?