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Chez Larsson

The Den

17 Övre hall

18 Övre hall 2

I finally have one room (almost) done. It's the one you see above in the realtor's photo and one I took when Wille and I viewed the house. It's the den/upper hall. I wasn't happy with the sea grass wallpaper or the laminate floor.



One of the first things I had my contractors do was to rip out the laminate and lay the same oak floor as in Wille's rooms.



Before they added the skirting board I painted behind to make it easier to cut in while painting the rest.



It's perfectly fine to paint over sea grass wallpaper (I use regular emulsion/latex paint) but it's pretty tedious. It took four coats and the first coat is really hard work because the paint immediately gets sucked in before one hardly even starts rolling, The rest of the coats go up quicker though.




And yes, that's a RUG! My first, not counting my door mats and little dot rug in front of the bed. I got it from my friend Anne (thank you,sweetie!) who got it at IKEA and never ended up using it in her apartment. Mini and Bonus like to use it to file their nails and enjoy having something under foot.

Here it's still quite bare…



… but things have picked up since! The picture ledge is up and we have a NYC theme going on there. Also the bean bag has been replaced by an Eames rocker. I've wanted one for ages and decided to splurge.



Still to do; paint the radiators, windows and possibly add a radiator cover depending on the state of the radiators after painting them. Or skip painting them if using radiator covers that hide them away completely.

Tomorrow I'll show you what's opposite the sofa. Stay tuned!